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Purpose, pursuit and presence!

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Still Moments

In the serene moments, time stands still, the fluttering wings of the butterfly dance on the winds. The dew drips from the rose petals, as they awake from its rest and allowing for the breaking of the sun to kiss it’s leaves with warm sunlight. Peaceful moments such as these, enables the heart of a worshipper to pause, relax and mediate on the goodness of the heavenly father. These moments beckon one to abandon all idols, negative emotions and distresses and gain a different perspective from the Lord of all. As you lie still, the beautiful voice of him who is and shall ever be calls, the voice of many waters (Rev 14:2), his caressing words enwrapping our hearts with comfort in his presence. This is place in which we worshippers long to dwell absorbing all that is tranquil, glorious and full of joy. This picturesque view is the ultimate aim where we seek, as it still the waves that challenges our heart to be moved by fear, doubt worry and shame. Prayer has been the subject of much talk, table discussions and nightly devotion as families gather together. What is prayer? Is it just a mere time where we shout all of our complaints, make senseless and erroneous demands not built or supported by the word of God, through the language of faith? If I had to say in my most transparent moment as I summarize what I thought prayer was a definition that I have long abandon, as I grew more aware of his insurmountable and unquenchable love for me. Prayer was pictured as laborious act in which we were required to do in order to maintain or attain the highest token of spirituality. However, that is not the truth, prayer is can liken to a table set for two, candlelight, the best course meal prepared by the head of the household and God is the invited and distinguished guest where there is an exchanged that occurs over the conversations that it would be, a time where I confess my sins, but yet my mind still kept in the prison of condemnation. Not truly understanding that there are much more to depths or “realm” of prayer. Prayer by definition is a devout petition to God or an object of worship. a spiritual communion with God or an object of worship, as in supplication, thanksgiving, adoration, or confession. As we already may know, there are many books concerning the topic of prayer, so it is not something new. However, misunderstanding is built on improperly taught truths that build or fortified strongholds. So practical application, revelatory and insightful teaching concerning prayer is necessary to understand the many vices, forces of darkness and the hidden stumbling blocks that may prohibit one from not actively praying.

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